Why You Should Advertise Through Direct Mail

In today’s increasingly digital world, it may seem like a great idea to boost some Facebook posts or try out a small search engine marketing campaign for your business. Still, you are likely overlooking one awesome way to reach your customers—direct mail! Even though it may not seem like anyone is getting mail or reading mail anymore, direct mail advertisements are one of the most effective ways to reach your current and future customers. Businesses of all sizes and types can and should be using direct mail advertising to reach their customers.

Direct Marketing has a Great ROI

You will probably be surprised to know that direct mail marketing has a higher return on investment than paid search marketing and online display ads. This might be surprising, but it is the truth!

You want to maximize your ROI, and you can help do that through direct mail advertising. If you want to calculate your potential ROI for a direct mail marketing campaign, you can use this handy tool from USPS.

Direct mail marketing campaigns also boast a response rate of over 5%, which is much better than the sub-1% response rate for email marketing campaigns.

Direct Mail Works Alongside Digital Marketing

No good marketing campaign uses only one channel of communication. You wouldn’t just set up one Facebook Ads campaign and be done, so why would you only use one channel of communication to reach your customers? Direct mail marketing can be combined with digital marketing strategies for huge results. By asking consumers in a direct mail campaign to take action, you will get much better results and engagement. Direct mail marketing drives higher engagement rates than other methods of marketing.

Targeting is Possible with Direct Mail

While it will never be as easy to target your audience as social media, you can still create a very detailed target market for direct mail. The United States Postal Service offers a helpful tool for finding your target audience and reaching them. You can identify the number of households, businesses, household size, and household income as some of your variables to narrow down your target market.

Direct Mail is Trackable

Just as you can still target with direct mail, you can also track your campaign results. Unlike social media and search ads, you cannot follow your customer through their purchasing process, but you can still track your direct mail campaign’s effectiveness in a few different ways. The first thing you can do to track your campaign is to set up a special phone number for call tracking and use this number on your direct mail advertisements. Each time someone calls that number, you know that your direct mail campaign is working. Similarly, if your goal is to bring people to your website, you may consider setting up a designated landing page to see how many people are going from your mail to your website. Using these two methods, you can track all the leads you get from your direct mail marketing campaign.

Direct Mail is Less Common

Today’s consumers are becoming more aware of advertisements and increasingly less affected by them. How do you make your ad stand out as consumers are being bombarded with more and more ads every day? Be different. Direct mail marketing is a less common way of delivering ads to consumers, meaning consumers are not as desensitized to them as they are to digital ads. Using direct mail marketing is a great way to help your business stand out in a saturated advertising landscape.

Direct Mail Gets Consumers’ Attention

Think about the last time you went out to your mailbox and checked for mail. You probably went through each piece of mail before throwing anything away to ensure you don’t miss something important. The great thing about direct mail advertising is that consumers have to see your advertisement; there is no real-life spam filter for your mailbox, there is no ad-blocker for print publications. This means that your ad will get placed in front of more consumers without having to go through the trouble of avoiding ad-blockers and spam filters.

Drive Brand Awareness

Direct mail advertising is one of the best things you can do to build brand awareness for your business. Even if a consumer throws away your mail advertisement right after seeing it, they still have seen your name, logo, and hopefully something that tells them what your business is about. Building brand awareness is about consistency and repetition; direct mail marketing campaigns accomplish both of these things.

Direct Mail is for All Age Groups

This is one of the biggest factors driving the success of direct mail advertising. People of all age groups are bound to see your direct mail advertisement. Nearly everyone gets mail or at least lives with someone who gets mail, making this a great channel for marketing everything from vehicles to children’s toys to senior citizen restaurant deals. When you market via direct mail, your advertisement ends up in thousands of homes and businesses with people of all different age groups and demographics who may see your advertisement.

Advertise Your Business with Direct Mail

Are you ready to seriously increase your ROI? Do you want to reach consumers of all ages for a fraction of the cost of other marketing methods? Do you want to increase consumers’ awareness of your brand? Are you ready to grow your business? If the answer to any of these is yes, then a direct mail advertising campaign may be right for you. Advertise with Money Saver Magazine and reach thousands of current and future customers in major Wisconsin markets. Grow your business today!

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