How do You Find the Coupons You Want?

Are you looking for coupons for products that you buy all of the time? Do you want to save money on your weekly grocery bill? Do you know where you can find the best coupons? Maximize your savings by using the following places to find good coupons.

The Newspaper

Even in today’s increasingly digital world, the newspaper is still the best place for you to find coupons. Many of the coupons in your newspaper will be for local stores and grocery stores. Also, coupons that you find in newspapers will be regional, meaning that depending on where you are in the country you will get different coupons when you pick up the local newspaper. Larger cities will also have more coupons in their newspapers; if you live in a small town it may be better for you to purchase newspapers from the nearest large city so you can get more coupons. If there is double inserts or coupons that you find especially helpful, you may want to purchase two newspapers during certain weeks.


Depending on the type of magazines you subscribe to, there will likely be some coupons included. Grocery coupons are likely to be found in lifestyle and home and garden magazines. You will be likely to find makeup personal care and retail coupons in lifestyle and fashion magazines.

Product Packaging

Many manufacturers will include coupons in or on the product’s packaging. You might find rebates or coupons in or on the product’s packaging, either way you are sure to save money. Coupons you find on product packaging will usually be valid for longer than coupons you find in the weekly newspaper or magazines. This is because the coupon must be valid for as long as the product remains on the shelf.

Manufacturers Websites

Some of the best coupons come directly from the manufacturers themselves. Sometimes, manufacturers will offer coupons or other promotional information on their website. One easy way to find these coupons is to do a search using the product name and the name of the company. Some ways to receive coupons from the manufacturer’s websites may include signing up for a newsletter or joining a loyalty program.

Printable Coupons

Printable coupons or another resource that you can find online to help you save some money. Often, websites will have agreements with manufacturers or stores and provide coupons. be sure to take advantage of the many great printable coupons in Money Saver Magazine and if you want more coupons to print, you may try searching the Internet for printable coupons.

Buying Coupons Online

Although it technically is not legal, you can buy coupons online. Technically, you are not buying the coupons, rather you are paying someone for the time it took them to collect and organize the coupons. Because of this loophole, there are many places online where you can buy coupons. There are also websites that provide a coupon clipping service. These sites have lots of coupons you can buy and then have shipped to you. The sides are popular because consumers can get multiple coupons for the same product and they can find coupons that are not available in their geographic area.

Direct Mail

You can get direct Mail from companies where they will likely send you coupons. Many of the times direct Mail coupons are going to be for service-related companies or local businesses. Consumers will have to sign up to receive direct Mail from companies.

Junk Mail

Junk Mail is a great place to get coupons. If you have previously thought of junk Mail as simply a burden taking up valuable space in your mailbox, think again. Junk Mail could help save you loads of money if you know how to use it to find coupons. You may even begin to look forward to getting junk Mail if you come up with a process for staying organized and on track.

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