How to Get Coupons Directly from Companies

Many times, you will get the best coupons direct from the company that manufactures the product. Sure, you can find coupons in your local newspaper or online, well one place you may not have thought to get coupons is straight from the company. Some of the best coupons come directly from the company; whether you praise or complain, there are ways to get coupons directly from the company. The trick is in how you ask the company for coupons.

How to Ask a Company for Coupons

You should keep in mind certain things when you ask a company for coupons, whether or not you are praising them or complaining about a product. Remember that even if someone you know received a coupon from a company when they asked, it doesn’t mean that you will receive one too. However, there are some things you can do to help you get more coupons by asking companies.

Be Specific About the Product

When you write the company, be sure to be specific about a particular product that you are talking about. Do not discuss the company’s products as a whole; rather, discuss one specific product or a particular product line that the company offers. If you have a complaint about a product, be very specific about the product and what did not satisfy you.

Provide Product Details

Give the company specific details about the product. If you are complimenting them on a product, tell them precisely what you love about the product. Tell them if your children love it, what specific things you love about it, and why you chose that product.

Save Your Packaging

When writing a company about a product, be sure to save your packaging. This is especially important if you are complaining about something. The company may need information about the product, such as the UPC found on the packaging. The company needs this information to monitor complaints, pull the product from stores if needed, and monitor complaints to ensure no manufacturing process errors. Saving the packaging of the product you are complaining about will help the company better handle your complaint.

Be Polite

It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. When reaching out to a company, you must be polite. Even if you are complaining about a product or an experience, you should always be courteous to the person you are talking to.

How to Write a Complaint Email

It takes some practice to write an email complaining about a product and not come off as rude. When you write a complaint email to a company about a product, you need to remain polite even if you are angry. There are certain things that you should include in your complaint email. You should include the UPC details from the packaging, the date, place of purchase, the exact product name, and a detailed description of the product’s issue. When writing your email, provide as much information as possible, and be polite. Most companies will want to make their customers happy and often send coupons back to people who write to them complaining about a product. The best complaint letters offer constructive criticism as the company will send you a coupon for their products. Still, they will also greatly benefit from customer feedback that is detailed and honest.


How to Write a Compliment Email

Many of the same rules apply when writing an email complementing a company on their product. Be detailed about the product and the things that you liked about it. The company values your opinion as a customer and will use your feedback to improve their products continually. They will likely send you coupons when they receive an email complimenting one of their products.

How to Contact Companies for Coupons

Most companies have an active social media presence, but that is not the best way to contact them to receive coupons. The most effective way to contact a company asking for coupons is through email or phone. Most companies will have their contact information listed on their website. Not all companies send coupons for customer feedback, but it is worth trying. Do not be discouraged if you do not get coupons when you send companies your feedback.

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