How to Entertain Party Guests on a Tight Budget

It’s party time! Are you getting ready to host a party and have guests over to your home? Are you adequately prepared to entertain a group of people? Hosting a party can be a time-consuming and costly process, but there are ways you can maximize the fun while cutting down on the costs. Use these tips to help you host an amazing party and entertain your guests, all without breaking the bank.

Start a Party Fund

The first step to planning a party on a budget is to start a party fund! This is your savings account and your budget for the party. If you start a fund and carefully plan out how much you will spend and what you will buy, you are much less likely to spend too much money. As you are purchasing items for the party, be sure to keep track of everything you spend. You may even find it helpful to create categories such as food, drinks, and supplies.


Ask for Help

Party planning can be a time-consuming and stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be if you can get family or friends’ help. Rather than hiring an expensive party planner, you can find a friend to co-host the party with, and each of you will be able to have a party while saving time and money.


Be Creative with Décor

Décor has the potential to enhance the atmosphere of a party, but you should not use up a large chunk of your budget on it. It would be best if you tried finding party décor at a dollar store or thrift store to save money rather than buying your décor at full price from a retail store. Chances are you will only use these decorations one time, so there is no sense in spending a significant amount of money on them. Do you already have a bunch of similar décor? You may even consider planning your party theme around that and save a ton of money on décor!


Save on Food

As the host of a party, you should provide snacks for your guests. You do not, however, have to provide fancy or expensive foods. None of your guests will be expecting you to serve a full meal to everyone. When planning food for your party, you should think of foods that are easy to make a lot of, such as tacos or chicken wings, both of which can be done on a budget.


Provide Some Games

You don’t need to spend a huge amount on entertainment for your party. Offering a few games at your party is a great way to provide additional entertainment without having to pay for an actual entertainer. If your party is outdoors, you might think of games such as bean bag toss or lawn darts; if your party is indoors, you can find card games, bring out the console and play some video games.


Rethink Drinks

Alcohol can quickly become one of the most significant expenses for any party hosts. The best way to save money on booze when hosting a party is to have your guests bring their own drinks. If you do want to offer drinks to your guests, think about having a few options for mixed drinks and maybe one or two different kinds of beer. None of your guests will be expecting you to offer them a full bar.

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