How to Save Money Grocery Shopping

One thing that everybody must do is buy groceries. Because this is an expense you will surely encounter, it is one that you should try and save some money on. Groceries are a variable expense, meaning that you likely do not spend the exact same amount every week or month on groceries. Cutting down on your grocery bill is easier than you might think, check out these helpful tips to help you save some money at the grocery store.

Rethink Dinner

Dinner does not always have to be a huge meal that takes a lot of preparation. Making simpler dinners will save you precious time spent in the kitchen and money spent at the grocery store. you don’t have to make a fancy expensive dinner every night, rather a BLT might do the job just fine.

Calculate Your Grocery Bill as You Shop

Make a mental calculation of how much the items in your cart costs as you work your way through the grocery store. Doing this will help you avoid any surprises at the checkout and help you decide if you really need that one thing or not. You will be surprised at how much you decide you don’t need when you keep track of how much everything is costing you as you shop.

Round-Up Your Grocery Calculations

As you add up your grocery bill well you go through the store, round up the price of each item you put in your cart. Doing this will help you stay under budget, make your mental math easier, and leave you pleasantly surprised every time you come up under budget at the checkout.

Raid Your Pantry First

Before you head off to the grocery store, check your pantry and fridge for ingredients you can use to make meals. You might have perfectly good food hiding in the back of your pantry or freezer. You will be surprised at how much you have been forgetting about!

Think Before Buying in Bulk

Sometimes buying in large quantities can save you huge amounts of money. Sometimes, however, buying in bulk can actually end up costing you more money. Some things may make sense to buy in bulk if they are non-perishable and a good deal. Other things such as perishable food items are rarely a good buy in bulk as you may have a hard time using all of the products before they expire.

Freeze and Store Meals

One of the best ways to save money and time is by planning your meals and freezing them ahead of time. There are lots of great freezer meal recipes online and you may even find that you are eating healthier when you plan and freeze your meals.

Pay with Cash

One great way to stay on budget is by using cash to buy groceries instead of a debit or credit card. When you bring only cash with you, you have to stay on budget, and you will likely be more mindful of keeping track of how much things cost as you put them in your cart. Having cash and being forced to stay on a budget will also help you to prioritize healthy and filling foods rather than junk food.

Ignore Eye-Level Items  

Look at the items on top and bottom shelves rather than the items at eye-level. Stores will usually place their most expensive items at eye-level making them convenient and tempting to grab. This is just one of the many ways that stores try and get you to spend more money.

Try Different Grocery Stores

Why do you shop at the grocery store that you do? Is it purely out of convenience? Because it’s the closest? Do you enjoy the layout? Are the employees friendly? Chances are you shop at the same grocery store and don’t give it much of a second thought. If you haven’t thought about why you go to the grocery store you do or if you haven’t looked around for other stores, now is the time! You may be able to find better coupons for another store too. You could actually save a good amount of money by shopping at a different grocery store!

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