What to do if a Store Refuses Your Coupon

When you put in all of the work to coupon, it can be extremely disappointing and maybe even frustrating when the store will not accept their coupon. While you may be tempted to argue with the cashier, the best thing you should do is keep your cool. Here are some helpful things you can try if this store is refusing your coupon.

Ask Them Why

The first thing you should do if the store refuses your coupon is to ask them why they cannot accept it. The person working may simply not know how to read a coupon. They might not see that it can be applied to any product, not just the one pictured. There could be any number of exceptions or fine print that the cashier at the store does not understand, and that is why they won’t accept your coupon.

Refer to the Coupon Policy

Every store that has coupons is going to have a coupon policy. While you can’t know the specifics of every store’s policy, it is good to know that every store has one. It is easy enough to look up a store’s policy online. It may even be helpful to bookmark the coupon policies for your most frequently visited stores. You could also print out the store’s policy and keep it in your coupon book if it is a store that you shop at regularly. Refer to the store’s policy when trying to determine why your coupons don’t work.

Don’t Get Angry if it Doesn’t Scan

When using paper coupons, one common problem is that they do not scan. Keeping your coupons properly organized can help ensure that they scan when you need them. Wrinkled or worn coupons may have a problem scanning. Even if it doesn’t scan, your coupon is probably still valid. Most of the time, the store will simply change the item’s price and accept the coupon.

Ask to See a Manager

The cashier can only do so much to help you resolve your coupon issue. If you cannot solve the problem with the cashier’s help, it is probably time to ask to see the manager. Managers have more authority than cashier’s and are more likely to be able to help you out with your coupons.


If the encounter between you and the cashier or manager is going poorly, the best thing you can do is just to leave the store. Getting into an argument in the store is not worth the money that you would save with your coupons. It is essential not to be rude or make a scene but simply and politely leave the store.

Email the company

Wait a day and then email the company. It is crucial to wait sometime before sending your email to ensure that you are not angry and say mean things. If you did not have a satisfactory experience with the store and using your coupons, you should email the company. Be specific in your email and include any relevant details such as the date, time, items purchased, and who is working the checkout. Many of these things will be included on your receipt; you may even scan your receipt and send it to the company with your email. The most important thing you can do if your coupons do not work is to remain calm and remember; it’s just a coupon, so be nice to the people working the store.

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