What is a rain check?

You may have heard the term rain check before, but do you know what it means? Rain checks are handy tools in couponing and can save you money. You may have encountered one when you go to a store looking for an item that is advertised as being on sale; the store has run out of that item but still wants to offer you the sale price. They will give you a rain check on the price, meaning that you are able to get the sale price when the item is back in stock. Here is everything you should know about rainchecks and how they work!

Why do stores offer rain checks?

Retaining customers is a crucial part of any successful business plan. A store may offer rain checks on items in an attempt to retain customers. They know that people will be looking for these popular items and want to get them at the sale price, so a store may offer a rain check on a sale price, so you come back and buy from them rather than going to a competitor.

Do all stores offer rain checks?

While rainchecks are a popular way for stores to retain customers and for consumers to get a good deal, not every store offers rain checks, and not every item will be available for a rain check. To find out if an item is available to be rain checked, you should inquire at the checkout or customer service desk.

Do rain checks expire?

The policy for rainchecks will vary from store to store, but they never expire in many cases. Some stores will honor rainchecks for a certain number of days, usually about two weeks. Read your rain check voucher carefully to determine how long you have to use it.

Are rain checks required for sold-out items?

Rain checks are not required on sold out items and may not be available on every item. The fine print in the advertisement will tell you if the item is eligible or not for a rain check. If it does not say the item is not eligible for a rain check, it usually is. The item must not be available in the store for you to receive a rain check.

How do I redeem my rain check?

You redeem your rain check at the checkout. You will need to give your voucher to the cashier, who will manually enter the item’s correct price. If you have rain checks to do along with your other shopping, save the rain checks for the end of the checkout process as they may take extra time.

Other Things to Know About Rain Checks

In most cases, you will have to use your rain check at the store that issued it. The exception to this is with national retailers who may accept rain checks from another location. You can also use coupons with rain checks so long as the coupon falls within the store’s coupon policy and is still valid.

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